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Two week wait and our Big Fat Positive (BFP)

Good morning! I’m still smiling from all the love you have sent me over the last week since we announced. 🙂 Thank you all!

Our two week wait actually went pretty quickly this time around…though I felt ZERO symptoms. With my miscarriage from our IUI, I felt a lot going on during that wait so I kept comparing everything. Our transfer was on a Sunday, so I took that Mon-Weds off to relax and just take it easy. Monday Dave had off as well so we went to the movies to see American Snipper and out for burgers. It was nice to get out and to not focus completely on what was potentially happening in my body. I took it easy the rest of the week and was actually happy to get back to work that Thursday to keep my mind busy on something else. 

That Saturday night we went out to dinner with Dave’s football ref crew and I decided during that dinner I was going to take an at home test on Sunday. (Our blood test was set for Tuesday…so technically not a full 2 week wait). I didn’t drink at the dinner (of course) and I just kept thinking that it didn’t work. I tried really hard to stay positive but my mind was going…oh no, we used two embryos, if it didn’t work we only have three left, we cannot afford anything else after this. etc etc etc. 

Sunday morning at around 5am, I couldn’t take it anymore lol…I got up and found my hidden pregnancy tests and prayed. I was shocked as I looked down, not even a minute after peeing on it that two lines were coming up. I thought I was seeing things (as it was 5am) and I put it up to the light and started crying. I couldn’t believe it!!!! I ran in and woke Dave up, poor guy- I have done this to him before, and told me the amazing news. We actually lied and told our families the wait was a full two weeks, so we could find out the news and keep it to ourselves for a few days before sharing. Plus- we got to surprise them, something you really cannot do much of when doing IVF. 

A big storm was heading in for Tuesday, so I took it upon myself and went in for bloodwork a day early. Our at home test was a very strong two lines, especially for being so early on but I was still shocked at just 8 days from the transfer, our HCG levels were over 250.  When we heard this amazing news, we told our parents. I wanted to capture it so we decided to facetime in the middle of the day and completely shock them. I first showed them Bradley laying there with a Big Brother sign, they kept staring so confused and later I was told I should have written “I’m a big brother”…lol. Here are three pictures, I won’t share the rest as they would probably kill me, haha but they were crying and SO HAPPY! (I apparently found it hysterical).

IMG_2791 IMG_2795 IMG_2800


Of course, I was still a nervous wreck and wouldn’t be able to breathe until our heartbeat ultrasound, at around 7 weeks. Our blood work kept doubling like it should and at 5.5 weeks we had our first ultrasound which really doesn’t show much, since it is so early, but they look for a sac and a fetal pole. A part of me thought since the numbers were so amazing that it could possibly be twins, but I was actually a little relieved when we saw just one in there. 

I was feeling really good at this point, still no major symptoms, which scared me because of course you want to feel something, so you know it is still in there!  Boy did I jinx myself. 

oxox Will write soon!

Support Group

Ah I haven’t written in so long! We have had a crazy few weeks with Dave starting his new job, a wedding, I had to travel to Baltimore for work and a few photography shoots.  Whew.

I was really excited this past week to join my first infertility support group. I met someone through a good friend who had just had a failed ivf. I told my friend to have her text me if she wanted to talk and I am so glad she did. During her many doctor visits she has made a friend in the process and that led to this group. There were 7 of us girls- from 29 to early 40s….amazing, kind and understanding women. We had our first meeting this week which lasted over 2 hours and we were able to share our stories, talk about how much we hate baby showers/facebook posts and had some laughs too. We have been having group texts since with updates on our doctor appointments, inspiring quotes and just a “Have a good day!” message. I feel blessed to have them in my life and excited to root them on. I know it will happen for all of us.

Our next meeting we may have a yoga instructor come for a class…so fun 🙂 If you are in the Jersey Shore area and looking to join a group…please email me anytime. sfetterer02@gmail.com.

The amazing girl who started this group and ran the meeting went and got all of us St. Gerard prayer books.

The amazing girl who started this group and ran the meeting went and got all of us St. Gerard prayer books.

Work+House+Dog+Infertility= STRESS!

Whew. Back in 2010 I was in 4 weddings- one was my own, we bought a house, I started a new job and we rescued Bradley. It was the best year of my life, but very stressful. After graduating college and living on my own in DC, I definitely was hit hard with working in the real world and dealing with everything on my own. I never really learned how to cope with stress until this past year with help from a therapist and my family. (Yes, I went to therapy- I am not in it anymore but it truly helps and I recommend it to ALL!)

What I do to chill out and relax:

-Light a candle and read. I am a huge bookworm (ask any of my friends) and I love nothing more than to sit with my kindle in bed or on our hammock outside and relax.

-Take a walk on the beach. Not everyone is so lucky to live 5 minutes from the beach but I have learned by just going down there and putting my feet in the sand- how amazing it truly is.

-Take a bath. Oh how I love my baths. I don’t take them to often- barely any in the summer but the winter is more relaxing to do so. I love getting fun bubble baths and just taking some time to myself. Try it!

-Go to the gym, do yoga or just deep breathing/stretching. When I feel anxious in the mornings, the best thing for me to do is going to the gym to get out of the house and burn some calories. My dad is a gym rat and has been since he was a kid and now I see why it helps him so much.

-Talk celebrity gossip, read magazines and watch reality tv. Why? It gets my mind off of my stressful situation and helps me forget for a bit. It is mindless fun and I love it! I have a DVR so I can fast forward through commercials and any ridiculous parts!

-Lay in the sun even if it is for 5 minutes. Yesterday I went outside in my sweats and just put my face in the sun for a few minutes and I felt like a different person!

-Read a page from my daily devotions book, pray or say 3 things that I was grateful for that current day. This has really helped me spiritually and mentally get through some tough days. I keep my devotions book right by my bed and I prefer to read it at night, unlike many who read it in the morning. Prayer- I have learned not to just complain and ask God for stuff- I thank him all the time now. Last week I won an argument with my insurance over a payment and I thanked Him right away for the strength and courage it took! Three things I am grateful or thankful for could be anything- from having your favorite meal (tacos lately) for dinner to taking a walk with Bradley and Dave. It is the little things in life that we are so lucky for. Sometimes Dave joins in too and says his 3 things of the day. Try it. 🙂

What do you do to relax?? (Keep it clean people 🙂 )