New doctor and an IUI try.

Last time I left off, Dave and I were heading to Mexico for 4 days to RELAX. We needed to get away from everything and take a breather from doctor appointments. My parents took B for us so we had nothing to worry about but what time the bar opened!




When we came back we decided to see a new doctor…like I mentioned before, I had a bad taste in my mouth from our previous doctors office and did not like how it was handled. We had a sit down with Dr. Morgan (our new guy) and right away he put Dave on a fertility blend vitamin and clomid…he believed there were options to help, unlike our other doctor. Dave and I decided to wait 3 months to have the medicine kick in, my new gluten free diet to start working and to enjoy a bit of the summer. In August we decided to try an IUI (going backwards from IVF), but with the new medicine and the cost- we really didn’t have much of a choice/were being optimistic. I was put on clomid for 5 days to get my follicles growing (I chose this over stimming shots) and a week later- we were ready for the IUI. Wow..the process is SO different from IVF and almost seemed too easy.

We went in for the IUI (the day after I had to have one shot- the trigger shot to get my eggs to drop) we had great news…Dave’s numbers went up!! They basically tripled due to the new meds/vitamins. Amazing news for us and we started to feel very excited. On my last appointment the nurse mentioned my lining was very thin which could be a side effect of clomid. Crap…there is ALWAYS something. I tried to block it out, ordered raspberry leaf tea (google said it helps thicken the lining) and we went ahead with everything. The two week wait was again a nightmare and about a week into it I felt so much cramping and pinching– I knew there was something there trying to stick. 2 weeks after the IUI I had to wake up and take a pregnancy test and call the doctor….negative. 3 tests later..still negative. It didn’t work. Another $1,000.00 gone and another summer wasted. UGH.

I truly feel my lining was too thin for anything to stay and I have such a good feeling if we use the stimming shots next time and figure everything out- this will happen for us. The nurse told me next time I get my period to call them and start the process again…my period never came. A month later I made an appointment to go in, I was always regular and this was something new to me. They did an ultrasound and said I have ovulated AGAIN in that time …which makes no sense…and to take a pregnancy test in 2 weeks and call them. Another month went by…negative tests and no period. Could clomid mess me up that much?!  I finally got my period a week ago for one day and then it was gone…something is just not right and I am not sure what it is. I made an appointment to sit with my doctor this week and my mom is coming to come along as well. I just want to get back on track and start this process again!!

1 thought on “New doctor and an IUI try.

  1. Amy H

    Thank you for sharing your story. I feel like if I were married and trying to start a family, I’d have the same troubles. Thankfully…. or unfortunately…. I’m not at that stage of my life yet. My doctor told me that he’s 99.9% sure I’ll never be able to have kids naturally. HOW CAN HE BE THAT SURE?!?! But because I’ve never had kids, he’s unwilling to do surgery because he’d probably have to take everything out. Anyway, I digress, I wish you all the best luck with this and I think you should feel comfort in knowing that you are not the only one going through this…. even if they don’t speak up. And I admire your courage to do so. XOXOXO I miss our daily rants over email! Don’t be a stranger.


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