The Move.

Oh hey there! It has been quite awhile since I have written, probably because life has been INSANE. In October we were in the process of finalizing selling our house, buying a new house, the girl’s birthday party, Halloween, packing and working 45 hours a week. I feel like I am not giving enough of myself to my children, husband, friends and family…I am hoping after the Holidays everything settles down. So let’s go back to the beginning…


Here we goooooo!

We listed our house for sale at the end of July. We worked all June and early July to clean, throw a lot out, fill a storage unit of stuff and get everything in order for pictures. (Which I have to say hire a professional photographer for your pictures but man, you have to literally put everything away for it. No even our toaster was on the counter…it was quite the task haha!) Our realtor hit the ground running and the day we put it on the market we had request after request for showings and an open house. Of course it was going to smoothly until we were thrown a HUGE curveball. I had to travel to Boston for work and the day I left, Kayla got very sick. So sick that she had to go to the hospital for fluids and I had to fly right home from my trip. It was so scary and I would never wish CDIFF on anyone. We just put the house on the market (literally a day before this happened) and the demand was so high to come see it and yet we had to turn people away left and right. When we thought we turned a corner, Madison then became very sick with stomach issues as well! We had an open house scheduled and decided to go through with it (after disinfecting every inch of it) and we spent the afternoon at my dad’s and driving around to make the time go faster. Nightmare. (Don’t forget every time we had to leave the house we had to take Bradley with us! Two toddlers and a dog in the car each time wasn’t fun!)


My baby girl in the hospital. So thankful for her amazing Daddy and Pop Pop that day.

Finally, both girls are feeling better and back at school…whew. We continued to get a ton of traffic to come see our house, which is amazing yet exhausting. Keeping a house clean with 2 toddlers and a dog plus working at home and having to run out when someone wanted to come over was quite the challenge. We received our first offer- very low and where we were not ready to go to so we said thank you but no. Then we received two more offers- wahoo! What was more exciting to me was that we found a house WE wanted to buy. We put in an offer of course with a contingency on selling ours but YES this was working out great! We agreed to an all cash offer on 8/13 and were waiting to hear back to see if our sellers accepted our bid when it started to rain. 8 inches in 2 hours. Our entire town was under a state of emergency and both buyers who had offers in on our house drove by and saw the water in our streets. Within 1 hour they both walked away. It was heart breaking. It was a once in a lifetime rain and just so happened on this day.  We were so close to our dream home and within a few hours we were at the highest of highs to the lowest of lows.

We took a week off of showings to regroup and have another open house. (Which my realtor is amazing and I believe we had 3 total but always had so many people show up! From marketing our open house with free breakfast or to watch football, she got people in the door). We had another offer, another lowball AND the first couple who offered came back through again but not willing to budge from their offer. 4 offers. Yet still not there yet.


Keeping busy in our millionth car ride while we have people in our house.

FINALLY! We had a young couple come in and just like we did when we first saw our house, they fell in love with it. It is the perfect house in my opinion for a family starting out. Great location, decent size and a perfect starter home. With a little back and forth we finally agreed on a price and just like that, finally, end of September– our house off the market. Even better news, the house we wanted was available and the sellers accepted our offer. WIN/WIN! This process is so draining because while you are so excited you still have so much more ahead of you. First up, inspection. (OH and my daughter turned 3 and my nephew was born while this was going on!) The inspection on our old house went well but they came up with a few things that were even on our inspection 8 years earlier. Our buyers were focused on one issue and had a few people come out to give quotes for what it would take to fix it. There is never a dull moment because they soon came back to us with a crazy amount of money they were looking for back on closing costs. We were so close to finishing this process and yet we had another hurdle we had to get over. I was so ready to call it a day but thankfully after quite a few sleepless nights and going back and forth again…. we were good to GO. Then appraisal. Both houses came in within $500-$1000 of the sell price…we could not believe it. Dave and I, no joke took a shot of vodka when we got the approval on both locations. WE CAN FINALLY MOVE!!!!!11

Onwards with packing! We got rid of SO MUCH STUFF. Old toys, random decorations, pieces of furniture, old clothes etc. It felt so good to cleanse ourselves from so much…I highly recommend ha!


11/4- the day before closing and moving day. We had our walk through in our new house and we were finally all boxed up and ready to go. I had so many emotions, it truly was so bittersweet. For months I wanted to move so badly but we truly turned that house into a home. We got married while living there, we adopted Bradley, we went through 3+ years of infertility and then brought home BOTH babies to this house. It is truly so special and a house I will forever miss and love.


Last night before the big move 🙂 Photo Cred: Our Realtor Laura! (Bradley saw a dog…hence the beginning of his run)

You would think our story would end there but nope. Moving day comes (raining of course, like our wedding day) and we got everything on to the truck- literally our entire life on 2 trucks and we get word there is a technical glitch on our buyer’s end with their paperwork. We met with our attorney and signed what was needed at the time….with our life on a truck….and yet they couldn’t close. Now what?! I have never been so anxious and worried in my life, this process and nightmare is never ending for us. (Mind you something came up, also not on our end, a week prior to closing. So we had a very stressful time with that as well). We were so thankful our sellers let us move in because if not we would have had to sleep at my dad’s and pay an extra day for our movers (damn they are pricey!!). So we moved in that afternoon and did not close until the following day! Pretty much unheard of (which seems to always be the case with something Dave & I do) lol.


Good bye house :/


Last two items we packed up…my girl’s signs from their rooms.


How did we get rid of so much yet have 2 trucks and 2 cars full of stuff?!

If you are still reading this (HEY!), we are finally settled into our new place. Christmas decorations are up and each day it becomes more like a home to us. I have vowed to never move again. 🙂 When you are in it, you are stressed but you just keep going and you get stuff done. Looking back, I don’t know how we got through August-October but I am so glad it is all behind us. I will forever love my first house with Dave but I am looking forward to the memories and life we will have in our forever home.


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