Back to Gluten Free…

I was doing so well gluten free last Fall…I was pretty much 100% following the diet and did not cheat much. After the miscarriage in December, the last thing I wanted to do was eat a gluten free cracker! I ate everything that I had been so good avoiding before- subs, regular pizza, donuts, Oreos, Italian name it. Oh it was amazing but I did feel a bit better when I was watching what I ate. I also noticed a big difference in my stomach pains and how much I went to the bathroom.

After I met with our new doctor and he mentioned I should go back gluten free, that is what I did! I do cheat sometimes- I had a roll and a bite of cake at the wedding we went to this weekend and a bagel from the free breakfast at the hotel, but I went back to gluten free when I got home on Sunday.

When I went food shopping I took my time to find some new snacks that I could eat. What I typically snack on- string cheese, fruit, apple with pb, chips (gf baby!), I make gluten free cookies, candy, nuts, fruit snacks, etc. Today I got really excited when I found these two babies:


I am super excited to see more and more companies are putting out gluten free products. I have always been obsessed with goldfish, cheese its, wheat thins…you name it! So to see I have another option made my day. Also, I have used gluten free breadcrumbs before but found them today in the regular aisle and the same brand now my mom has used since I was a kid. Great to see!! 🙂

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