“Me Time.”

As a mom of an almost 3 year old and 21 month old plus working full time (45 hours a week), I needed a change. I needed some me time. We put the girls down to bed by 8pm, so I have a few hours at night but that usually consists of dinner with my hubby, cleaning up, catching up on one of our shows, reading for a few minutes and passing out. Weekends now I want to devote my time to my girls as well as running errands, house stuff and just trying to keep my head above water. It is a lot. And I work at home! I can throw laundry in during the day and do stuff that is needed around the house.

There are always excuses, I am too tired. A kid is sick. I have to travel for work. Enough. Mid-July I made a life style change and it has been one of the best things I have done for myself in years. I started working out…something I haven’t done in forever. (3 years of Fertility treatments + back to back pregnancies will do that to you.) I joined Beach Body and I have not looked back.


Guys, it is so easy. It is right on my phone, I can do it anywhere, anytime. How awesome is that?! And guess what? I feel better. Not only physically, but mentally, which is huge as a mom. I get up 4 days a week around 5:30am and I walk down to my basement and I give myself 30-40 minutes of me time. I work out in my pjs, can’t get any more simple. It has turned into one of my favorite times of the day, I actually look forward to working out. Who am I?


No excuses. I went away to Boston for work and streamed a workout in the hotel gym. It felt so good after sitting on a plane and traveling. My babies were sick so I took 3 days off (that. is. ok.) and when everyone was feeling better and I had some sleep, I started up again. No guilt, because my family always comes first and I knew I would get back into my routine. My girls get up early…ugh so early. So most mornings I have a buddy with me in the basement and they usually join in! I love that they see me working out and trying to take care of myself. They watch everything.

untitledHere is my Madison adding some extra weight for my sit ups lol.

Want to know what else is so amazing about this program? You are apart of a community of other moms who are doing the same thing as you. We have Facebook groups where we hold each other accountable and that is what I need. It pushes me some days when I feel a tad lazy but I see what they are up to and I jump out of bed. We share recipes. fun pictures of our workouts and we cheer each other on. Such a big benefit for me.

What change do you want to make today? If you are interested in learning more about BeachBody, please let me know. If I can do this, so you can you. Trust me, it really is life changing.


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