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Prayer is powerful.

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season. My hubby and I had the best getaway in Arizona. We were upgraded to a gorgeous suite, had great weather, each gained 5lbs (haha!), and relaxed. Could not have asked for a better trip.

As we are starting 2015 and preparing for our transfer, I wanted to share how much my faith has helped me over the past few years. I may not go to church every weekend, but I pray constantly and I feel so close to God when I do. Last night Dave and I went to a special mass for couples trying to conceive at St. Lucy’s Church in Newark, NJ.  We were able to light some candles, write in a book to St. Gerard and pin a dollar on the beautiful St. Gerard statue’s coat. It was very traditional and what a gorgeous church. Here are two pictures.

IMG_2507 IMG_2508-1


Many people pray in the morning when they walk up and read a daily devotion, but I love to pray before bed. I read my prayers, say my own of course and I have started to read the Bible on an app on my phone. I light my St .Gerard candle and it is very peaceful for me and a way to unwind. Here are a few of my go to evening prayers:



As you can see I have a St. Gerard medal that I wear, but that is not all! You do not have to be religious to be spiritual…everyone can find comfort and prayer in other things. here are a few of mine as well-

IMG_2518These all have a special meaning to me. As you can see I have an elephant bracelet and necklace- it is a sign for a new beginning. (I also read a book recently on elephants and it is amazing how they are all so close and into family.) I  have my “with brave wings she flies” necklace from a dear friend who thought of me and sent it my way. I have my Alex and Ani fish bracelet which stands for fertility. This one has an even more special meaning because two other girls in my support group wore it during their transfer process and one now has a baby and one is expecting! Last two- my balance bracelet from my sister. It has mud from the dead sea (the lowest part of the Earth) and water from Mt. Everest (the highest part). My last bracelet on the far right is from Arizona and has a small bunny charm on it as well. My husband and I walked up to a stand and out of dozens of bracelets I picked it up and the woman told me it was a bracelet to help with Infertility. Sold!! haha…but how amazing? Signs all over the place 2015 is going to be our year.

What do you wear, read or say to yourself daily to keep the peace?

Work+House+Dog+Infertility= STRESS!

Whew. Back in 2010 I was in 4 weddings- one was my own, we bought a house, I started a new job and we rescued Bradley. It was the best year of my life, but very stressful. After graduating college and living on my own in DC, I definitely was hit hard with working in the real world and dealing with everything on my own. I never really learned how to cope with stress until this past year with help from a therapist and my family. (Yes, I went to therapy- I am not in it anymore but it truly helps and I recommend it to ALL!)

What I do to chill out and relax:

-Light a candle and read. I am a huge bookworm (ask any of my friends) and I love nothing more than to sit with my kindle in bed or on our hammock outside and relax.

-Take a walk on the beach. Not everyone is so lucky to live 5 minutes from the beach but I have learned by just going down there and putting my feet in the sand- how amazing it truly is.

-Take a bath. Oh how I love my baths. I don’t take them to often- barely any in the summer but the winter is more relaxing to do so. I love getting fun bubble baths and just taking some time to myself. Try it!

-Go to the gym, do yoga or just deep breathing/stretching. When I feel anxious in the mornings, the best thing for me to do is going to the gym to get out of the house and burn some calories. My dad is a gym rat and has been since he was a kid and now I see why it helps him so much.

-Talk celebrity gossip, read magazines and watch reality tv. Why? It gets my mind off of my stressful situation and helps me forget for a bit. It is mindless fun and I love it! I have a DVR so I can fast forward through commercials and any ridiculous parts!

-Lay in the sun even if it is for 5 minutes. Yesterday I went outside in my sweats and just put my face in the sun for a few minutes and I felt like a different person!

-Read a page from my daily devotions book, pray or say 3 things that I was grateful for that current day. This has really helped me spiritually and mentally get through some tough days. I keep my devotions book right by my bed and I prefer to read it at night, unlike many who read it in the morning. Prayer- I have learned not to just complain and ask God for stuff- I thank him all the time now. Last week I won an argument with my insurance over a payment and I thanked Him right away for the strength and courage it took! Three things I am grateful or thankful for could be anything- from having your favorite meal (tacos lately) for dinner to taking a walk with Bradley and Dave. It is the little things in life that we are so lucky for. Sometimes Dave joins in too and says his 3 things of the day. Try it. 🙂

What do you do to relax?? (Keep it clean people 🙂 )