I never realized how traditional I am until recently. Maybe it is because I see so much on social media or maybe it is because I am getting older, but I am seeing it more and more. (Of course there are times when I am not- moving in with  my husband before we were married for one!) I know everyone is different, everyone has their own opinions and ideas in life, but I take some pride in this.

-Changed my last name to my husband’s. My sister and a few of my friends are not doing that and have hyphenated it.

-Saying the traditional marriage vows. I didn’t want to write our own, I found it so special to say what has been said in the church for years.

-Hand-write thank you notes. I am sorry but emails, standard picture cards with no writing besides “Thanks for coming,” doesn’t do it for me. And some people don’t send them at all! I know we are so busy and trust me, having a baby now I don’t have time to shower. But I wish more people were old school when it comes to this.

-I still print pictures. I did get away with it for a bit and only printed to frame or hang on my fridge, but after having my daughter in September I have been printing pictures and started photo albums for her. I love looking back at my baby pictures and I hope one day she will too.

-I buy CDS. Ok- not ALL the time. But I still love it! (My sister is cringing somewhere). When I was younger I would spend hours in Sam Goody looking for a new single or CD to buy and I still enjoy doing that.

I won’t bore you any longer, but this is something I was thinking about recently and wanted to share. Do you feel you are traditional? If not, what do you have against it?

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