Thank you fellow moms!

I have two words for new moms, old moms, any parent out there: ask questions. I’ll admit it, at first I didn’t want to open my mouth and just figure it out on my own, but when it comes to your child- you want the best. And the quickest way to get there. We thought we knew how to strap her in her car seat, but you can never be too sure so I asked my cousin and learned we were pretty much doing it completely wrong. I knew she knew her stuff and she was happy to assist! 

Kayla is colic, it is getting much better (thank God) but it has been a hard 4 months. I didn’t know if it was reflux, formula, gas…no idea. Man if only they could talk! After reading some mommy boards and on our 4th formula, I read about pedicatric gastroenterologists…oh maybe I should try that! I asked around to my mommy friends and found out what Doctor they used, what worked on their babies, tips and tricks when it comes to dealing with tummy issues, insurance, you name it. I have learned so much I wouldn’t have known if I kept my mouth shut. Asking questions is making me a better mom and giving me the knowledge to help others. I talk to someone almost every week about fertility treatments…it makes me feel amazing I can help and proud of those women who come to me to share their stories. 

So bottom line is, help a sister out and share with each other. Ask questions. Vent. Let them know you were in the same boat once and it gets better. Just hearing that makes me know I can do this and proud to be a part of the mommy club. 


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