New chapter…

Happy Monday everyone! I think I need a social media detox after this weekend…I’m sure I’m not the only one. 🙂

I won’t share my views on politics lol I’m sure no one wants to hear it! I wanted to share some exciting/scary/ overwhelming news!  Dave and I have come to a pretty big that definitely took a lot of time to talk through, but we think at this time it will be the best for our family. I won’t be going back to work in February like I planned on. My new job title will be “stay at home mom/chef/driver/laundress/nurse/expert coupon clipper/full time giver of hugs and kisses.”  🙂 etc etc. 

Having two babies under 2 is definitely a challenge and while I love my job, company and coworkers, financially and emotionally…work right now doesn’t make too much sense. Kayla loves daycare and her little buddies, so this will be a change for her as well. (Hoping for lots of play dates in our future!) I’m nervous but excited to spend this time with my girls. It goes so damn fast. I’m also lucky that I can take some time off as it is impossible for many moms. I don’t know how long I will stay at home, for now I’m taking this day by day. 

Thanks for always being so supportive and reading along the past few years. I’m sure my posts will be getting more interesting and comical! 🙂

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