10 years.

Happy 10 years to my other half! How the heck did that happen so fast?! Dave and I met at work in 2006, but didn’t start dating until early 2007. Crazy thing is that I took a job with Marriott and moved to Gaithersburg MD, all on my own after graduating college. I didn’t know why I took a job 3 hours away from home in a town I’ve never even heard of..until I met you. God works in funny ways. 

I’ve always known we have been through a lot together but it wasn’t until I went year by year that I truly realized it. 

2007- started dating…while working together! (Took our first trip to Georgia where we spent a wknd with your college friends) you also took me to my first Redskins game:)

2008- I became very sick that winter and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease…which would make many guys run the other way, but not you! I decided to move back home to NJ and our long distance relationship started. (also went to Disney and Charleston this year!)

2009- you left your hometown and moved up to the Jersey Shore for me! We got engaged in October! (Took a trip to Dominican Republic that summer and Vegas for NYE!)

2010- we got married and attended 6 other weddings while I was in 3 of them and you in 1! We also purchased a house, I started back at Marriott, went to Hawaii (our favorite place!!) and got our B-man! What a year.

2011- took a once in a lifetime trip to Italy and decided to try and start our family. 

2012- still waiting on that family

2013- our first failed Ivf, and iui and a trip to Mexico. We ended that year with a miscarriage at 6.5 weeks.

2014- my sister got married, both in the wedding!, and an ectopic pregnancy. Ended the year with a trip to Arizona.

2015- finally!!!! 1.18- transfer with our Kayla!! She was born in September…4 years after we first started trying for our family. 

2016- surprise of our life…pregnant naturally with our 2nd baby girl Madison! Took our first trip to Florida with Kayla that April. 

2017- just trying to survive with two babies under 2. A crazy, chaotic life we live but wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else. Watching you as a father to our 2 girls is the highlight of my days! They adore you.

Love you boo!!!

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