Madison Christine

Is here!! I’m sorry I have zero time to blog since she has been born on 11.14.16. πŸ™‚ She was 7.5lbs and 19 inches and came pretty darn fast! I started having light contractions on and off all day starting around 8am. I had my 39 week check up at 2pm and while in the waiting room, they started to get a little more intense- not awful, but definitely feeling them more. I found out I was 5 centimeters dilated- WHAT?! I was around that when I received an epidural for Kayla, I was in shock. The doctor I saw thought I would have this baby in the next day or so, but I knew it would be that night. By 5pm…my contractions were 5-6 minutes apart and very intense. Yet, I was making dinner for my 13 month old and holding on to the counter when my contractions hit. My husband was giving her a bath and asked me how far apart they were…when I told him his face went white and he yelled “Why are we still home?!?!” lol πŸ™‚

My dad came over around 6pm (which he wanted to stay at home and eat cereal and relax until 8…LOL he had no idea how fast this was going) ….time to head to the hospital and say good bye to my Kayla. I cried like a baby because I knew everything was changing and she is still so young herself. She could pretty much care less and was happy to be with her PopPop. When we got to the hospital, they had no clean rooms for me yet! (It was a full moon…) and while they were cleaning one, I was asking to start the paperwork for an epidural and even told them I would clean a room to get in quicker.. HA!! Once I was in the room and received the epidural (had to do it twice…I can’t even explain how painful it was this time), my doctor (who also delivered Kayla!) came in and broke my water (felt nothing!). It was so chill this time around- maybe because I knew what to expect or because it was going super quick, but Dave and I sat and talked and watched tv for an hour. Peaceful and quiet. When my doctor came in to check how far along I was, he could not believe the baby’s head was literally right there (“Don’t sneeze, her head is right here lol) …my epidural must have been so strong, I did not feel any pressure. When I had Kayla, they had me start pushing and the doctor would come in and out for over 2 hours….this time, he “suited” right up and said “Let’s have a baby.” Also with Kayla, we had to have the NICU staff in the room because she did do a lovely poop (meconium) in the womb and they had to make sure she was ok. For Madison, it was just Dave, one nurse and our doctor- again, a much more chill environment. I did 1.5 pushes (stopped mid push second time lol) and she was here!!!! 9:42pm, our beautiful baby girl came into the world. They put her right on my stomach (didn’t have that with Kayla- she was whisked over to the table)…and Madi opened her eyes and looked right into mine…talk about love at first sight.

Madison is my little miracle, we never in a million years thought it was possible to have a child naturally. She was the best surprise of my life and the perfect way to complete our little family.


Thank you to my husband who captured this picture…she was staring right at me! (Almost looks like she is reaching for me too πŸ™‚Β 


Our little angel


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