Say what?!

“I’m pregnant!!” followed by a scream and maybe a tear or two when I yelled to my husband from the bathroom on March 26, 2016 on our daughter’s 6 month birthday. Yes, only 6 months. As you all know from reading my blog, it took us over 3.5 years, 5 fertility treatments and 3 losses to have our baby girl Kayla. Felt like a lifetime. As many of you have asked me in private messages, texts etc…. this pregnancy was natural and not planned (but so, so welcomed).  God works in mysterious ways huh?

I’m a planner, always have been. With IVF, you cannot get a more planned out timeline- you pretty much know the second you could be expecting, you find out you are expecting earlier than you would naturally and you have your first ultrasound weeks before you would with a regular doctor. So this…this threw me for a loop. Trust me, Dave and I are excited but we had a “plan.” Back to the doctor later this Fall for another transfer…our girls…yes we have 3 frozen girl embryos, no boys!….would be about 2 years apart. Perfect! When I realized the day before Easter I could possibly be pregnant, I had to laugh and just say to Dave “Could you imagine?!” hahaha….well. we could.

I am 15 weeks pregnant with our baby girl…another girl due late November!! Apparently that is all we make. 🙂 lol We found out I was expecting around 6 weeks and maybe it was because I became super sick or maybe because my body still hasn’t full recovered from having Kayla, but I was super emotional and anxious. I want to enjoy my time with our daughter, she is a little baby herself, how could I have another one already? It was a rough few weeks getting my mind straight with my feelings, thinking of logistics for our house set up, finances, you name it…I was all over the place. Dave, who I thought was going to lose his mind (HA!), was actually the calm one. Maybe he was scared inside, but I needed that rock while I was feeling shaky myself. My parents and sister were so, so excited! I called them crying with the news and they were like “why are you crying?! this is such a blessing! You can do this.” And they are correct. I think back to my days of doing anything possible to get pregnant and now here I was…in a position anyone, at any fertility clinic would gladly jump into. I am so lucky to have so many good friends who checked in with me to see how I was- most are all mothers and they get it. They knew what I was feeling and they knew exactly what to say to me. So Thank you. 🙂

And to all my fellow IVF’ers and those trying for baby #2…here is some more Hope.  🙂


Our little nugget at 12 weeks.




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