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Crohn’s Update….after pregnancy

During pregnancy, I felt amazing. I could eat anything I wanted, I wasn’t in pain and I didn’t worry about finding the closest bathroom. I went down to 3 pills a day and truly thought I could possibly be in remission. Unfortunately, I was wrong. 

Many women complain about being constipated after having a child but that was the opposite for me. I went pretty much right away and had trouble even making it to the restroom in the hospital. When I got home, nothing changed. I wasn’t having the cramping like I usually do with my Crohn’s, but I was having issues being able to control it. 6 weeks later and I am still in the same situation and taking imodium every few days to help me. Having a newborn with a flare-up is extremely hard especially since it makes you fatigued and I am already so tired and worn down!

I went last week for a few tests and I am waiting to hear back from my doctor to see if we will up the medicine and possibly put me on a steroid. I am trying to watch what I eat (I know, I know…most important part), and possibly going back to gluten free. All my time and energy is going into my daughter and it is hard to remind myself to take care of my own health, but I am doing a better job at it. 

That is the update for now.. 🙂 If anyone who had a baby and Crohn’s has any suggestions, please let me know!!