Mom life

My dad has caught me in Mom mode the last two days! Hair up, always feeding someone and multitasking. I wouldn’t change a thing!! 

I am truly enjoying being a stay at home mom. We are getting into a fun routine…little gym, music class, play dates and target trips! What is working for us is to get out every morning for a few hours then home in time for lunch and nap. Afternoons are usually just playtime in the house before dinner and baths. You have no idea how proud I am to get everyone out of the house dressed and fed each morning lol! I shower at night now and cherish that little bit of quiet time I get. Once the girls are down, Dave and I usually will eat dinner and watch a show before I pass out…usually by 9🙊! My days start sometimes as early as 4am so I sleep when I can. 🙂 

I’ll do some more updates soon just wanted to say hi! 

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