Wow. Nesting is oh so real, at least in my house! I think it started back in May and has not stopped since. We have had the Windows cleaned, basement carpet cleaned, sofa cleaned, new living room carpet, trees trimmed outside, weeds sprayed, threw out garbage cans full of junk from the garage, new comforter in our room…ridiculous! I work at home so I’m constantly seeing something else I want to do…this week we are focusing on putting up a banister in the basement. My poor husband!! He has been a good sport though, he will come home and I moved all the pots and pans to a new drawer or scrubbed everything in the bathroom with a magic eraser. šŸ™‚ I think we are all ready for you baby girl….her nursery is all set and we have put together everything we think she will need when she first gets home. Also thanks to my mom and sister for helping me organize after our shower and wash all of her clothes!! 38 weeks…so ready for this. 

Happy Sunday all…I hope you enjoy your day with football and the Emmys! 


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