Jack and Jill Baby Shower!

On August 1st, my amazing sister and brother in law hosted our “BabyQ” at their house! With lots of help from my parents and in-laws, it was a gorgeous night! We had a diaper raffle (we have enough diapers for at least 6 months!), they didn’t have our guests wrap their gifts- just put them in baskets, clear wrap etc- so we could relax and not worry about opening everything.   Best part was- it was a ton of our family and friends!! Beer, wine and delicious bbq food was served all night under a tent decorated with mason jars, flowers and fun touches. It was such a beautiful night and I still cannot believe we had a shower. I have been to so many showers and turned down so many invites….the fact that this was for us- AH! Baby Girl received a whole library of books, tons of clothes, blankets, almost everything off of our registry (just had to buy the car seat with giftcards), and lots of fun goodies that we were not expecting. Here are some pictures from our exciting day.

11707760_10100533721270272_133816539605407410_o 11728985_10100533722393022_3630485106551391777_o 11813374_10100533722323162_8320059777574325443_n 11816090_10100533722672462_5506837317858130719_o 11825761_10102400988751204_1750131974212028653_n 11800380_10100533721360092_3803767277502643820_n11828605_10100533723081642_4005358898730329412_n

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