Oprah Weekend

This past weekend my sister, mom and I attended Oprah’s The Life you Want weekend in Newark, NJ. It was so much fun!! I have always been a huge fan of Oprah, even in college my roommate and I would watch her every day. This weekend was not only for you to learn more about yourself and what you want but to really connect with your spiritual side. Oprah kicked the weekend off on Friday and spoke for about 2 hours or so. She told the story of her life along with pictures and videos and then explained what she wanted us to get out of the weekend. I have to say, she made me cry at the end of her speech. She is an amazing speaker, so intelligent and knows what she is talking about. Saturday we started the day in “O-Town”, a bunch of tents set up with different activities like taking pictures on the cover of O and getting freebies such as lotion and Tide. We then regrouped and heard from her Trailblazers- such as Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote “Eat, Pray, Love.”  My mom and I were also able to meet Amy Purdy from Dancing with the Stars! She was so sweet and tiny. Such an inspiration. I learned a lot over this weekend and I know it will help me in my life especially dealing with infertility and my emotions. Thank you O. 🙂

PS- The technology was amazing. They had a # dedicated to the event with free wi-fi at the arena. (Though I never could get connected). Also- our wristbands lit up during the event to describe the sunset, earth etc. AND when anyone who worked there took a picture of us, all they had to do it was press their phone against our bracelets and the picture was automatically emailed to us. Too cool!

Myself, Amy and my mama

Myself, Amy and my mama

IMG_0523 IMG_0526

All of our wristbands lit up :)

All of our wristbands lit up 🙂

My sis and I

My sis and I

My Queen!

My Queen!


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