Fun Filled Weekend!

Our calendar for October is PACKED. From our anniversary to my birthday to Dave’s first day in his new job to a wedding…whew. It is all good things and we are blessed to be able to celebrate so many occasions with our friends.

Bradley all happy he just got his nails cut!

Bradley all happy he just got his nails cut!

This weekend Dave ref’ed a game Friday night so I relaxed with Bradley and my magazines. Yesterday I finally got my mums and pumpkins for the front of the house (looks SO good) and went up to Hoboken to “surprise” my bestest friend in the world- Jess for her 30th. Her husband Adam emailed me a few weeks ago to come up and surprise her for dinner! I wouldn’t have missed it for the world and was super proud of myself that I kept the secret since I tell Jess pretty much everything! Adam was going to cook us all dinner and after buying 4 steaks tells Jess “We are going to have 2 other surprise people for dinner.” HA! All day she was questioning him on who it was and literally 10 minutes before we arrived he said “Dave is going to…” and stopped himself– secret is out! :/ He was going to say Dave is going to want to watch football but Jess caught right on and knew we were on our way. It was such a great night with lots of laughs, wine, good food and I got to cuddle my little nephew Max a lot. Perfect night.

I just love him.

I just love him.

Little butterball...I could cuddle him for hours!

Little butterball…I could cuddle him for hours!

Today I went to watch Dave ref the Mighty Mights (7-9 year olds) and ran some errands. This afternoon we went to a local park for a friend’s 2 year olds birthday! I went to HS with Jaclyn and while we were friendly then, we never hung out outside of school. After planning, or attempting to plan, our 10 year reunion we became good friends, our husbands golf and hang out and I adore her 2 little girls. Kid birthday parties are getting harder for me as everyone there pretty much has a kid or 2 running around, but I am so glad we went. It was great to see little Kayleigh having a blast at her minnie mouse themed bash. Plus the cupcakes and view of the water were pretty awesome too. πŸ™‚

Kayleigh is 2!

Kayleigh is 2!

All in all it was a really fun weekend…now if I can just win fantasy football this weekend. πŸ™‚

OH!!! One more exciting thing! My hubby got me another diamond band for our anniversary/30th birthday! How beautiful? I probably won’t wear it like this too much because my engagement ring is so detailed and I hate covering it up- but I have tried the 2 bands together, one band on each hand etc…oh the possibilities. πŸ™‚


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