Hump day!

Has it really been a almost a week since I last wrote? Yikes. Time is flying….2 weeks from today is my birthday, crazy.

This week has had its up and downs..Monday I was having a rough day, emotionally and physically. Then Tuesday comes along and we got amazing news!! (Not baby related, I wish..) It is just amazing how you can go from feeling the lowest of lows to the highest of highs. Monday everything upset me- babies, pregnant people…you name it. I ate lunch crying…got that vision? haha I felt anxious and just not myself at all, I hate days like that. My husband made me dinner and I was in bed by 7 with my kindle and ready to watch dancing with the stars. Everyone has their bad days.

Yesterday was much better and my hubby and I had a date night at a local Italian restaurant and celebrated. I felt human again and was able to forget about everything for awhile. On top of that, this weather has been amazing and I have been soaking up the sun any chance I can get. I love having the windows open at night and feeling the cool air but being so warm under the blankets!

I have become good friends with someone in a similar situation and she sent this over to me today and I wanted to share.



My new mantra!

Have a great week everyone.

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