Fantasy Football

I never thought I would have a fantasy football team. I really never thought I would wake up at 3am and think…how many points did RG3 get me? Well. That is me. And I lost by 6 points. SIX. Yes, it is the first week, but I can see already why my husband is obsessed with this and why it may ruin his Sunday. (Side note: Dave is a HUGE Redskins fan and has turned me into one too). Excited for this football season and ready to win this! HAIL.

Please don’t judge my team or my stupid name:

1 thought on “Fantasy Football

  1. Meredith

    Hi! I clicked on your blog from a link on Colleen’s facebook. I can totally relate.. I have been staying up too late switching my teams (I am in 3 leagues, why, I don’t know) and have become a bit obsessed…


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